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Liquid Night
Going in a world of disguised darkness.
Beautiful colors, Angel's laughter, curcuis lights.
A perfect cover.
You're lurred, like the moth to its flame.
First the warmth in your stomach.
Then the coasters spin.
Confused, dizzy.
Your life is spinning out of control,
and you fall.
A brief embrace of being blissfully numb.
Everything is blank, you can't remember...
What happened?!
There's something wrong.
The blood only you see.
The one who caused long gone...
Did it really happen?
Screaming emotions,
yet your voice is silent.
Fear pulsing through your veins.
Chaos raging through your heart.
A horrible nightmare, to your disspare reality.
With sick realization, the numbness returns.
Your world returned to normal.
A new skeleton in your closet.
Everything set back in motion.
You shed your tear, whisper Goodbye, you turn, glance back,
leave... then die.
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Well we have finally moved!  Crazy right?  Phoenix Arizona oh how I have missed you.  Except the heat and crazy drivers.  Other than those two things I am so happy to be back.  It is a bitter-sweet event.  Finally out of the small town of Cotton City but having left Paul (my step dad behind).  My Mom and him are getting a divorce so while I am happy to have moved its a little stressful for all of us.  Specially my little sister. Looking for a job right now talk about a LONG process.

Anyways some other things.  I am back to blogging which is nice.  I have always really enjoyed it and I am hoping to have some more interesting things to write about now so that I don't let it fall to the background and disappear all together like I did before.  If you are interested in checking it out here is the

I have re-vamped it and even have a new follower which put me in an awesome mood. I have also started tweeting which I never thought that I would get into.  If anyone is interested in following that which for warning is probably just going to be a bunch of random unexplained tweets here is the

So some new projects I am going to start working on.  One is a Ganesh tattoo for my Mom.  I am hoping to get started though it will probably not be posted for a long while unless anyone says they would be interested in seeing all my doodles and work in progress up to the finished product.  I am also hoping to get another tattoo for myself designed.  I want something that is going to symbolize..... strength?  Not sure if that is the right word.  More like something that will in its own way for me symbolize staying strong through trials and having a high spirit, love, and family.  Yep that is it.  What that is though I have NO idea.  Lol.  Anyways, I am going to get going figured I would just give this short update.  Hope everyone had a awesome Friday and has fun this weekend.


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Ewwww I hate filling these things out I never know what to put. Anyways.... Just a little about me I guess. I am just your average 20 year old. Getting through my second year of college and I love to draw. Always have, though I am still working on improving and finding my own style. Finally worked up the courage to actually create an account here lol.


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