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Going in a world of disguised darkness.
Beautiful colors, Angel's laughter, curcuis lights.
A perfect cover.
You're lurred, like the moth to its flame.
First the warmth in your stomach.
Then the coasters spin.
Confused, dizzy.
Your life is spinning out of control,
and you fall.
A brief embrace of being blissfully numb.
Everything is blank, you can't remember...
What happened?!
There's something wrong.
The blood only you see.
The one who caused long gone...
Did it really happen?
Screaming emotions,
yet your voice is silent.
Fear pulsing through your veins.
Chaos raging through your heart.
A horrible nightmare, to your disspare reality.
With sick realization, the numbness returns.
Your world returned to normal.
A new skeleton in your closet.
Everything set back in motion.
You shed your tear, whisper Goodbye, you turn, glance back,
leave... then die.
I have been reading a lot of poetry here on DA lately and finally decided, why not post some of my own? Specially since I haven't updated anything new in a while. This poem is about 3 years old.

I know its not the best poem out there trust me lol. Its just another small glimpse at the person behind the account is all.
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March 9, 2012
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