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Well we have finally moved!  Crazy right?  Phoenix Arizona oh how I have missed you.  Except the heat and crazy drivers.  Other than those two things I am so happy to be back.  It is a bitter-sweet event.  Finally out of the small town of Cotton City but having left Paul (my step dad behind).  My Mom and him are getting a divorce so while I am happy to have moved its a little stressful for all of us.  Specially my little sister. Looking for a job right now talk about a LONG process.

Anyways some other things.  I am back to blogging which is nice.  I have always really enjoyed it and I am hoping to have some more interesting things to write about now so that I don't let it fall to the background and disappear all together like I did before.  If you are interested in checking it out here is the

I have re-vamped it and even have a new follower which put me in an awesome mood. I have also started tweeting which I never thought that I would get into.  If anyone is interested in following that which for warning is probably just going to be a bunch of random unexplained tweets here is the

So some new projects I am going to start working on.  One is a Ganesh tattoo for my Mom.  I am hoping to get started though it will probably not be posted for a long while unless anyone says they would be interested in seeing all my doodles and work in progress up to the finished product.  I am also hoping to get another tattoo for myself designed.  I want something that is going to symbolize..... strength?  Not sure if that is the right word.  More like something that will in its own way for me symbolize staying strong through trials and having a high spirit, love, and family.  Yep that is it.  What that is though I have NO idea.  Lol.  Anyways, I am going to get going figured I would just give this short update.  Hope everyone had a awesome Friday and has fun this weekend.
So it has come to my attention that when I draw I make the mistake of just..... I don't know the proper term for it.  Just use lines?  I need to work on the value of my drawings.  I draw very "light" pictures if that makes sense.  I need to darken them up a bit and add value..... detail.... anyways just something that I noticed I really need to work on.

On a personal note I guess things that are new with me..... I should be moving soon.  Bigger city I am excited I used to live in Phoenix and have missed it a lot since we moved out to literally the middle of no where.  Guess I am just a "city girl"  not really......  I just like having things to do and places to go people to meet.  Doesn't take two hours to get to a Walmart sorta thing.  

I applied to 8 different places and I hope to be getting some calls soon.  When I move really depends on when I get the job.

I have recently started dating someone.  About.... three weeks ago I think.  Her name is Sky. :)  Not anything serious yet but I do really like her.

I will probably be posting a lot of nude drawings or "figure drawings" as I title them just because that is what I have really been working on lately.

My younger brother will be graduating high school on the 18th so that is super exciting.

Well anyways that is all for now.  Hope everyone is having a great day.   Also since I doubt I will update my journal anytime soon.  Happy Early Mother's Day to all the DA Mommy's out there!

Well I figured I would just give a little update on what is going on with me.  I am flying back to New Mexico in the morning.  Its going to be a bitter sweet day.  I am excited to get back to my immediate family but sad because of the ones I am leaving behind.   I will miss them like crazy.  I have really come to love Jersey also so going back to the desert wasteland that I was already not fond of... lets just say it will take a while to get back into the swing of things.  Hopefully I am not there too long.  Anyways, enough of that though.  

One other thing I felt like writing about is sharing some of my favorite artist with you guys.  I don't really like the idea of posting other peoples art in my own gallery but I figured my journal was an appropriate place to show off some of the people's work.  Anyways, SO

Artists number one!… Lissy Elle who is a photographer is really inspring to me.  The places she creates in her photos are like falling into a drifferent world.... a dream.  They are so magical I wish I could just live in them.  Another reason I love her work so much is while some are.... innocent... no thats not the right world.  Well while some are bright and somewhat cheerful others are dark and menacing yet every single one of them is beautiful.  Anyways here are just a few of her photos.  I hope that you guys like them.……………………
Well I hope that you guys liked them.

Artist number two! Brom is one of my favorite artist and authors.  His book The Child Thief was an amazing spin off from the beloved Peter Pan story.  Very dark though and if you are looking for a happy ended you should probably avoid this particular book.  One of my favorite illustration books by him is Plucker.  Buying both of those books deffinitly took a chunk out of my wallet though.  Lol So I just had to write about him.  I hope that you (my unkown reader whoever you are) will come to love his dark yet beautiful art as much as I do.  And if you don't feel like exploring his site yourself here are some links to his art. (Also or you youngins out there and those who prefer not to view "that" particular kind of art, some of these pictures contain mature content.  Nothing too graphic have no fear just some slight nudity.)………………

Artist number three! Daniel Merriam, well I don't really know all to much about this artist. I found his art on a calender I was looking at in Barnes and Nobles while in town a while back. I couldn't help but instantly becoming attracted to his artwork. His use of vibrant color and detail. Talk about being envious. His art reminds me a lot of things like the Labyrinth, Alice In Wonderland, Thumbelina, Peter Pan, and Troll In Central Park.  Lol I will stop there I could go on forever... Its like jumping into a fairy-tale where everyone wears twisted Victorian clothes, powdered wigs, rides old fashioned bicycles and has tea parties.  A place where magic exists, the Fae run wild, and.... ok again I am stopping.  So...... That is just what I personally take from his art anyways. =P……………………

Ok well that is all for tonight.  It is 1:30 in the morning after all.  I didn't realize quite how late it was.  Who knows maybe I will make another journal entry like this one some day.  I know I have plenty of favorite artist to share.  Anyways, will try to write again soon.  I know I am terrible at updating my journal worse than I am at actually posting new art.

Well as some of you might have noticed I have posted quite a few things since last night both new and old drawings.  Hoping that everyone will like them and I have already gotten a few feedback comments and such which of course makes me super happy.  Even more motivated now to start on some new projects I have in mind.  Things have been going great here.  In New Jersey visiting family right now.  Have been here since Jan. 31st and am not leaving until March 10th.  It is so beautiful here and I have just felt so relaxed and carefree that drawing has been on my mind non stop.  Its been a while since I have felt this driven to get back into Art and it is amazing!  For a while now despite it being one of the great loves in my life it has sorta taken a back seat.  I haven't felt... inspired, or well anything as far as sketching goes for months now.  In fact anytime I tried to start something I just felt so blah I would either ditch it or trash it.  I don't know if you would really call it.... sketching blocked? but it was really starting to bring me down.  I even sometimes got irritated when trying to work on something like a tat design I might have promised someone.  So to be here and finally feeling like my normal self again drawing because I want to and being reminded why I loved it in the first place is great.  Well that is all I really have to say for right now.  I hope everyone is having a beautiful day.  I have just a few more pics I want to upload here that I think are fun. ^-^  Then I have to quickly finish my coffee and go get dressed My Aunt wants to take me down to Sandy Hook today.
Someone commented and favorited one of my drawings!  Yay.  I also get to hang out with my best friend who lives a few hours away today.

Today is going to be awesome. Teehee.